We show you how to find out which of your competitors is likely to be getting the biggest share of local online traffic.

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of your “competitor landscape” – included in your visibility Workbook” (see tab labelled “Your competitors”) where we list your top 5 online competitors for free – you can expand this to up to 20 or more competitors by subscribing to our community.

Even if you forget everything else we tell you then remember this:

Your online competitors are not necessarily the same as your offline ones.”

Why? Because online you are not only competing for sales, you are competing for TRAFFIC

Traffic to your website, traffic to your social media pages, and, of course, traffic to your premises if you trade in a physical location as well as online.

Without traffic, online or offline, there will be no sales!

Online, your competitors are those other websites that need to feature in search results for the same words and phrases as you. Very often these will be big “aggregator” sites such as Amazon or eBay which tend to appear for almost every search combination. Other times they can be large nationals such as the leading supermarket chains or store chains such as Kwik Fit, Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, etc.

We tell you which websites you are competing with for website traffic and how you can overcome their apparent unassailable position.