Many websites are designed to look good, which is great, but in itself it is not enough.

People have to be able to find those great looking websites at a time when they are researching a product or in a position to make a purchase.

It all hinges on Search Engines being able to understand what your website is about and being able to work out when it is appropriate to show details of your website to anyone who is carrying out a relevant search.

To do this, search engines carry out frequent indexing visits to your site in order to update their records – this is known as “crawling” your site. You can see how often Google crawls your website in your, (free of charge), Google Search Console, see our workshop “Get Good With Google” – our Google My Business Masterclass – to learn how to do this.

When visiting your website there are certain things that a search engine looks for and if it doesn’t find them, or they are set up wrongly, then your visibility can be adversely affected.

Some of the things the web crawler will look for are:

  • A “meta title” for each of the pages on the site which summarises the main subject matter contained in it.
  • A “meta description” for the page which gives a little more detail about the page content and enables the viewer to decide whether to click and visit your site.
  • An up-to-date “site map” which acts as an index to the site’s content – mainly for the benefit of search engine crawlers.
  • Correct formatting of the site’s text using “HTags” and other formatting methods – all explained in the SEO masterclass
  • Tagging of images on the site so that search engines know what the images are about – known as “Alt Tags”

After checking all of these the web crawler will move on to the text itself and consider whether it deserves a prominent position in search results or whether it will gather dust in the lower ranked pages, never seeing the light of day!

In a nutshell, if your website content is of poor quality and not properly formatted, then it is unlikely to be seen.

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