Get Your Free Personalised Visibility Scorecard – Created Exclusively For Your Website – Find Out How Visible You Really Are Online

The Visibility Scorecard is the basis of everything we will help you to do to raise the awareness and visibility of your website and your business, with those people who are searching for, and may want to buy, your product or service.

We tell you who is currently ruling the roost in your business, in your area – which of your competitors will get the most business?

We show you exactly how they are doing it- and how how you can do it too!

When you know this, you can start to fight back so that it is your website that attracts the most attention.

What’s included in your free Visibility Scorecard?

How To “Get Good With Google”

Want to be found by people in your area looking for your product or service? Want to be featured on the Google Map for those enquiries? Now you can - it's all done through a free application from Google called "Google My Business" - it is pretty much essential to most...

Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Many websites are designed to look good, which is great, but in itself it is not enough.People have to be able to find those great looking websites at a time when they are researching a product or in a position to make a purchase. It all hinges on Search Engines being...

We Tell You Who

We show you how to find out which of your competitors is likely to be getting the biggest share of local online traffic. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of your “competitor landscape” - included in your visibility Workbook” (see tab labelled “Your...

Your Lead Generation

This is where you can find out how to generate more leads and enquiries for your business. Your Visibility Scorecard will show you all of the available online sources of leads and enquiries and help you to focus on those which will bring you the most business at the...

Your Competition

Get to Know Your Enemy - Better Than They Know ThemselvesYour Lets-Get-Visible Scorecard has a separate section on Competitors and lets you view the “competitive landscape” in which you operate. Our unique “Visibility Index” scoring system shows you at-a-glance which...

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