Client Visibility Assessment (CVA) & Report

It’s Time To Get To Know Your Enemy – Better Than They Know Themselves!
So many businesses make the  mistake of spending time and money on a marketing campaign without having one vital piece of marketing intelligence – in-depth knowledge of the competitive marketplace in which they operate – online!

We call this the “Competitive Landscape”

Your competitors online may not be the same ones that you have offline.
In the online world. this is largely due to the rise of mega-sites which are known as “Aggregators”, e.g. eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia and comparison sites like Compare the Market, Expedia, Go Compare, and so on.


Even for specialist markets there are aggregator sites that compete with them for traffic. For example, driving schools have local competitors and also competitors that operate nationally with local agents, e.g. Red, BSM, AA etc. Then, of course, there are the directory sites like, Yelp, Thomsons Local etc. to contend with

All of these major websites are sucking traffic away from your website – chances are you will never see it.

These big websites are ranked very highly on Google and other search engines for thousands of keywords – according to web traffic analysts “SEMrush” Amazon rank on Google for over 69,000 keywords or search phrases. If any of those are the ones you need – you’re in trouble!

Traffic – The Currency Of The Internet
Online, the “currency” that everyone uses is website traffic – people who are interested in your product or service, visiting your website. If you have traffic, and your website is up to the job, then you will convert a proportion of that traffic into sales. It is, as they say, a numbers game. If the traffic you need is being hijacked by another website then you need to know who they are and how they are doing it. When you know that you can set about getting some of it back!

That’s where the Client Visibility Assessment report comes in.
The CVA looks at your online presence and that of up to 5 competitors, as described above. It then looks at how much traffic that you need, is being taken from you by those and other competitors.

First, we look at three industry standard metrics for your site and those of your competitors. These metrics are presented as a scorecard for you to easily see how your performance measures against the competition. The metrics we use are:

  • Citation Flow – a measurement of how prominent your website is on others websites that provide listing services.
  • Trust Flow – a measurement of the trustworthiness of your site based on the quality of other sites that are linked to it
  • Domain authority – a metric which gives a site-wide assessment of your site as a source of helpful and relevant information.

Then we start to look at how your competitors are doing it. Which search phrases are they using to steal traffic from you? Are they using paid ads and if so how much are they having to spend to keep you and other competitors at bay?

  • Why are they higher up in the Google search results than you for a particular phrase and is there anything you can do about it, (usually the answer is “yes”)
  • How much traffic does their website get, compared to yours.?
  • How many pages of theirs does Google have in its index, compared to yours?
  • How long do people stay on you competitor’s website, how many pages do they look at?

Practical actionable advice
All of the above information is then collated into an action plan that tells you how you can position your website online to take the lion’s share of the available traffic for the searches which are important to you. This is practical advice, using readily available tools – many of them free – that you can use to make your business more prominent online.
All clients get email support for 30 days with this report option.

The CVA costs  just £75 and could be in your inbox ready to download in just 48 hours.