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The proposal report is an essential element of any digital marketing pitch to a client.

The purpose of the report is to highlight the client’s current website performance and visibility compared to their competitors, and identifies any action that needs to be taken. You can then propose a package that deals with all or some of the highlighted issues and use this report to back up what you are saying.

Just order the report and send us the client’s URL – we’ll do the rest and submit the white-label report for you to personalise and forward to the client with your quotation. We can put your branding on the report if you wish, for no extra charge.

Structural Site Audit & Health

This part of the process uses a sophisticated site crawler to check the site for structural errors. typically these would include

  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate content
  • Missing Tags, e.g. title Tags and Description Tags
  • Images without Alt Tags
  • Missing or faulty Site Maps
  • Pages or content blocked from indexing

Website Visibility

Here we look at the current visibility status of the client’s site. In particular we look at how many search terms are currently causing the site to be shown in Google’s search results, anywhere in the top ten pages, (i.e. top 100 listings). this is then broken down into top ten, (first page), top 3 and top of page one listings.

We also check the sites link profile to see whether there are any potentially toxic links going into it that could trigger Google penalties.

Once we have this data we compare it to the competition.

We also look at other factors such as how long, on average, visitors are staying on the site and how many pages they visit.

Website Authority

This is where we assess the site in terms of its “authority”  and how highly Google and other search engines are likely to rank it compared to other similar sites.

Authority is a metric, devised by MOZ, that measures how much credibility a site is acquiring from those who link to it and how likely it is that people will visit the site when searching for a relevant subject. Sites are given a rating out of 100 and anything over a 40 is considered good although the strength of the competition will affect the level of visibility your client site gets..

Google monitors this kind of signal and rewards it with higher ranking.

Social Media Activity

We look at the social media profile of the site and compare it to competitor sites. Social media is regarded by Google as an important indicator of a site’s popularity and this report highlights the client’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition. This is much more than just a measure of how many Facebook posts, or Tweets,  have been done as those numbers alone do not help with ranking. Instead we look at other metrics, mainly to do with the level of interaction the client’s social media activity is getting.

Summary & Recommendations

We provide a summary, highlighting current strengths and weaknesses and a list of recommended actions that are necessary to Help the client’s site become more visible right across the web.

When clients see this report they usually realise that, if they want to compete effectively, there are things that need to be done and we itemise those things for them so that you can base your quotation on providing those services.