The Strategy – The Visibility Engineering Blueprint

Our Premier “Done For You” Service

Bringing together multiple marketing channels, this is our premier “done for you” service, a digital marketing strategy that will get your client seen online by the right audience and produce traffic which leads to conversions and sales.

This is the service we recomend for anyone who needs to get a comprehensive digital marketing stategy researched, put into action and delivering results in the shortest possible time.

Although no two strategies will ever be the same, they are all built from the same building blocks that we use for all of our projects, namely:

  • Accurate, in-depth competitive research
  • Precise profiling of target markets and customer buyer personas
  • In-depth knowledge of all relevant marketing options
  • Creative, attention grabbing and persuasive content
  • Ad writing and landing page designs that delivers conversions at a realistic cost
  • The correct mix of options drawn from a pool including ppc, seo, Social Media marketing and content marketing
  • State of the art Analytics and cutting edge reporting tools

When we have the blueprint ready, we can then set about implementing it, creating accounts, building campaigns, preparing pages and designing sequences of emails and the other activities needed to bring everything together into a cohesive whole – a strategy that actually delivers the traffic and results that the client desires.

We will take care of all of the planning and implmentation work necessary, liaising with you along the way and agreeing on those objctives that the client has specified. Whether they are looking for brand awareness, gaining ground lost to one or more competitors or indeed launching a new product or service, we will create the impetus and traffic necessary to position them prominenently in their chosen marketplace.

Our objective is to meet their objectives. To research, create and deliver a marketing strategy that is fit for the competitive landscape that your clients will find themselves in – but we don’t stop there. Once we hand over the strategy to you, complete with all necessary ads written, emails drafted, landing pages produced and content written, you can be sure that all necessary help and support is at hand, waiting to ensure that the strategy actually works – and keeps on working.

Our fee includes the first month of monitoring and support, by phone, email and/or Skype, as appropriate. After that, we offer both ad-hoc or retainer based support options, according to the client’s preferences. As you will be aware, some marketing activities, like PPC and SEO take time to optimise and perfect. Social Media Marketing takes time to accumulate the right level of following and content syndication and building a contact list for emal marketing is something that also happens over a longer period.

We never adopt a “sell it and forget it” approach when designing a digital marketing strategy for clients – their needs change along with the markets that they operate in and you can be sure that, as your digital marketing partners, we will be around to make sure that they are able to adapt their campaigns to suit those changes as they happen.