ZZ – Page to Get HTML for Infusionsoft

Landing Page Goal

Use Landing Pages to ‘land’ traffic from ad campaigns and other lead generation sources (e.g. links within blogs, social media posts (CTA buttons) etc.). They should be highly specific to the lead source and have the same branding/tone/voice.The entire focus is on getting visitors to fill in the embedded lead capture form. The most common use is to ask people to sign up for a lead magnet.


  1. Drag and drop the Landing Page campaign goal onto the canvas
  2. Name the goal and click save (Requested Free ‘Save TIme & Money’ Report)
  3. Double-click the goal to set up the Landing Page:
    • You can copy one from a previous campaign (Actions>Copy from Campaign)
    • You can also download templates from the Marketplace: Actions>Copy from Campaign> and select from the drop down
  4.  Enter the Landing Page metadata (title and meta description display in search results)
  5. Click on Layout & Style and create or select a custom style and style the page with images, titles, change fonts and colours etc.)
  6. Add any additional Field Snippets you need (but be careful – the rule of thumb is to keep the initial Landing Page simple with one clear Call To Action)
  7. Click on Test button to preview
  8. Click on Thank-you page tab to customise the thank-you page
    • You can use the hosted IS page or use a Web URL to point to a thank-you page on your website
  9. Add custom fields to the thank-you page (name etc)
  10. Click on Settings to select your method for avoiding duplicates and to send notification emails if you want those
  11. Click on the Code tab to choose the way you want to use the Landing Page. You can use the hosted version or you can copy code onto your website and use it there.
  12. To connect the page to your ad/blog post link/CTA button copy and paste the Landing Page URL that you will find under the Code tab
  13. Publish in the normal way